Advisory Board


Dennis Price,
B.Sc., P. Geo.

Dennis graduated with a BSc degree in geology from Queen Mary College, London University, in 1976. He worked field geology in South America, Africa, USA and Western Canada before joining ExxonMobil Corp. in 1981 where he held a combination of technical and business assignments in all facets of exploration, development and production in most of the key Canadian basins. Recent experience has been focused mainly in Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC where he has been managing geoscience aspects of conventional oil and gas properties, property divestment and new opportunities. Dennis’s extensive Western Canada experience includes prospect generation in Devonian, Triassic and Mississippian carbonates, Cardium, Viking, Glauconitic, Ellerslie, Triassic Coal Bed Methane and shallow gas formations of the Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC plains and foothills. Dennis is a proven finder with 15 MMBOE reserves proven through drilling or participating in joint opportunities in the WCSB. He was directly involved in identifying and bringing forward a large unconventional Cardium tight oil Opportunity on ExxonMobil Canada lands at Harmattan (80 MMBO). Imperial oil has a team currently exploiting these lands on behalf of Exxon Mobil Canada.


Trevor Bremner,
M.Sc., P. Geo.

Trevor Bremner is a consulting geologist with a wide range of Canadian experience in petroleum mineral exploration and government. In the petroleum industry he held a variety of positions with Imperial Oil, Mobil Oil Canada and Mobil-GC Canada, working on a broad range of projects in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, the Canadian Beaufort and the Avalon Basin of offshore Newfoundland. Mobil-GC Canada was a subsidiary that inherited General Crude’s Canadian assets after a takeover by Mobil Corp in the US. This assignment gave Mr. Bremner an opportunity to plan and participate in the drilling of numerous light and heavy oil wells, and to gain experience in many aspects of exploration, drilling, production and unit negotiations. At Mobil Oil Canada, he served in a variety of positions in exploration and production, including supervision of an exploration group of eight geologists and geophysicists working in the Grand Banks area of offshore Newfoundland. Mr. Bremner is a registered Professional Geologist in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Mr. Bremner also worked eight seasons in the Yukon Archer Cathro (founders of ATAC Resources). While with the Government of Canada, he served as Chief Geologist of the Yukon and as Yukon’s Acting Director of Mineral Resources, followed by three years as Head of Mining Legislation in Ottawa.


Hairuo Qing,

Ph.D. (McGill), P. Geo.

Dr. Hairuo Quing is Head of the Department of Geology at University of Regina, Saskatchewan. Prior to joining the University of Regina in 1999, he served three years as a lecturer at the Royal Holloway University of London, UK, and two years as a Research Fellow for the Geological Survey of Canada in Calgary. Dr. Qing's primary research focus is on reservoir characterization and modeling to develop effective exploration and production strategies, and to aid in the selection of secondary and tertiary recovery techniques. He has a particular interest in dolomitization and diagenetic alteration of carbonates, and their effect on porosity distribution, reservoir quality, and fluid flow. Dr. Qing's detailed knowledge of the Williston Basin, and his specific studies of the Red River, Midale, Frobisher and Alida reservoirs of southeast Saskatchewan, as well as the Shaunavon reservoir of Southwest Saskatchewan, will be of immense value to Petro One in developing its current acreage and advising on future acquisitions.


Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Dick,
Ph.D., P.Geo.

Dr. Larry Dick has over 35 years of mineral experience, and is an internationally recognized explorationist who has been credited with or played a key role in five major mineral discoveries in North and South America. He is very familiar with the Yukon, having spent more than ten years working throughout the Territory including the Carmacks gold camp and the Nisling Range, which both form part of what is now known as the White Gold District. He formerly held a variety of positions with Chevron Resources Company in the Americas including Exploration Manager, and led the exploration teams that discovered the Golden Bear deposit in British Columbia, and discovered and developed the Can Can gold-silver deposit in north-central Chile. He is a co-founder of General Minerals Corp. (now Sprott Resource Corp.) and has served for many years as its Executive Vice President and Independent Director, as well as directing its exploration activities. He also founded Copper 1 Inc., serving as its Chief Executive Officer and President, and subsequently co-founded and served as the President, CEO and Chairman of Evolving Gold Corp., before assuming his present role as Chief Geologist and Manager of Resources for Baron Global Financial Canada Ltd. He continues to serve on the Boards of a number of public companies, including Timmins Gold Corp., and is a Full and Fellow Councillor of the Geological Association of Canada Cordilleran Section, and a Full and Fellow Member of both the Society of Economic Geologists and the Geological Association of Canada. For his exploration successes in Chile, Dr. Dick was awarded the Chevron Chairman's Award, and the "Mente et Malleo" award at the Chilean Geological Congress for the most successful exploration team in Chile.


Bruce Durham
M.Sc., P.Geo.

Mr. Bruce Durham also has more than 35 years experience in mineral exploration in Canada, USA and Africa, and was an integral member or leader of various exploration teams credited with the discovery or definition of a number of significant mineral deposits, including the David Bell Mine (Hemlo), the Golden Giant Mine (Hemlo), the Redstone Nickel Mine (Timmins), the Bell Creek Gold Mine (Timmins), and several nickel-copper deposits on the Raglan South Project of Canadian Royalties that are being evaluated for their economic viability. Mr. Durham was one of the founding members of Canadian Royalties Inc. (recently purchased by Chinese interests for $191 million) and has served in various roles that include President, Vice President, and Vice President Business Development. He is currently Executive Chairman of Temex Resources Corp.